Mike "Mac" McField ("マック", マイク・マクフィールド, "Makku", Maiku Makufīrudo) is the "Saga of Earth". An obese boy who likes hamburgers and is a very perceptive friend of Shu and of most situations the group gets into. His Legendz is Garion the Griffin. Mac is very kind and isn't particularly upset by anything. He possesses a verbal tic that has him say "You know" at the end of nearly every sentence. He had originally befriended Dino when giving him a rose he cultivated. In Episode 13, Ranshiin tells Mac that he is the Earth Saga. Ranshiin then has Mac summon Garion. A similar situation happens in Episode 18. Mac doesn't remember what happens afterward in either situation. In Episode 26, he meets Garion and obtains his Talispod. His Talispod is orange.

Mac's father lives in the Grand Canyon.

Apparently Mac is the only one who can understand Nezuccho's "ga ga"s


Mac McField


Mac receiving his Talispod