*Psst!*For anyone trying to collect the Soul Dolls, but are finding it hard to track them all down (because they are very rare/difficult to get) download this list/Database with all 103 of them!)

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The Legendz Club and Others gather up

Welcome to the Legendz Wikia, an encyclopedia of all things presented in the popular television show Legendz as well as its manga counterpart of the same name. This site uses MediaWiki software, which allows any user to edit or create pages. This site started on May 10, 2009, and currently contains 77 articles. For a start, check out this article: Legendz

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Episodes 19, 21, 25-30, 32-34, 50

Additional information on the Dark Wiz Company's employees

Page about the main antagonist Yul Hepburn, Halca's father and the CEO of DWC

Pages about the Sagas' family members such as Sasuke Matsutani, Bruno Sparks, Yoko Matsutani, Melissa Sparks, etc.

Community Blogs

Answer Wiki

Any question about Legendz is welcome, and we'll do our best to answer them~

Random Episode Moment

DWC President

Guess who?

The only Legendz: Tale of the Dragon Kings vine in existence


I'm having my computer play this over and over (whenever possible) so that eventually, Bandai will see that there are still people that are fans of Legendz!


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Did you know?
Legendz is 10 years old!

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