Forgotten But Not Totally Gone
Season 1, Episode 50
Air date March 27, 2005
Directed by Akitaro Daichi
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Holy Cow! Goin' Goin' Gone!
Forgotten But Not Totally Gone (風と共に去ったとさ, Leaving With The Wind) is the last episode of the Legendz anime. It aired on March 27, 2005 and is directed by Akitaro Daichi.
Shu and Shiron's Partaway

Shiron says goodbye to Shu.


Garion saying goodbye to Mac

Meg and Zuou's partaway

Zuou saying goodbye to Meg.

Dino and Greedo's Partaway

Greedo saying goodbye to Dino.


The episode starts off where the previous episode ended, with Ranshiin, Shiron, Halca, Shu, and Lad in Jabberwock's heart, and the rest on the remains of the DWC building. Yul regrets his actions, and Ranshiin takes Halca's place in Jabberwock's heart. he then takes the chance to grab it, causing Jabberwock to go crazy. Outside, Yul decides to call back Jabberwock, and the three Sagas help him along with Sasuke.

Ranshiin then makes a decision to bring Jabberwock into space to extinguish him, and tells Shiron to go. the latter does so, bringing shu, Lad and Halca with him. Jabberwock is then brought into the sky by Ranshiin. This "cuts off" Yul's retrieval of Jabberwock, and the massive legendz is eliminated in space.

Back on earth, the sky clears up, the dark crystals disappear, and the sun comes out. (BB and JJ also notice the change in an alley) The legendz also come out of their beserk modes. Yul reflects on his actions and his talispod fades away.

Later, at Brooklyn Bridge, the Legendz start saying their farewells as they start shining and disappearing. The last one to disappear is Shiron, after which the ending theme starts.

After the ending theme, Shiron's request in Episode 48 is revealed. Some time later, Shu, Meg and Mac are walking down a street in New York when Meg spots somehing cute in a hole. It turns out to be Nezuccho......

Major EventsEdit

Shiron-flight mode

Shiron with his goggles on

  • Ranhiin is shown in his lesser form, Waruccho
  • Ranshiin is also assigned to be in charge of electric fans in the Legendz Club.
  • Shiron uses the goggles on his hat for the first time.