Dounimo Tomaranai~Nonstop is the ending theme of Legendz Anime. It is sung in two languages.

First VersionEdit

The first version was sung in English language and its singer is Brenda Vaughn. The first ending is used from Calling In The Wind (Episode 1) until Who's Responsible For Painting the Sky? (Episode 37).

Second VersionEdit

The second version was sung in Japanese language and its singer is Linda Yamamoto. The second ending is used from Crouching Leader, Hidden Dragon (Episode 38) until Holy Cow! Goin' Goin' Gone! (Episode 49).


First VersionEdit

Don't believe on them when they told you love has get me down

Do you think that I'm the type that love can push around?

I may bend but I won't break, my passion can't be bound

I gonna conquer love before it conquers me

Patched my broken heart together, wiped the tears away

Ready now to face the world and face a brand new day

Here am I head up high, the fire's burning bright

I gonna make a thousand dreams come true tonight

Oh, let the thunder crash! Oh, let the storms begin!

I won't stop until it's over because I'm going out to win.

Oh, watch my spirit soar! Oh, higher than before!

Mou dou ni mo tomaranai (Nothing can ever stop me)

Oh, dream the wildest dream! Oh, higher than before!

I'm a rocket to the moon, I wanna live until I die

Oh, spirit fast and free! Oh baby, you and me!

Mou dou ni mo tomaranai (Nothing can ever stop me)

Second VersionEdit

  • The second version was sung in Japanese language, and they actually have the same meaning as the lyrics of the first version.

Uwasa wo shinjicha ikenai yo

Odate i noru yo na baka janai

Toki ni wa kuuru ga kao o shite

Koi ga furikiru koto mo aru

Yabureta haato wa tsukutotte

Kohoreta namida wa fukitotte

Yowaki na kokoro wa hakemashite

Ima wa youki ni aruku o sa

Aa kaze yo fuke aa ame wo fure

Sono ki ni nareba nanimo tsurakunai

Aa jounetsu wa aa hi no fuite

Mou dou ni mo tomaranai

Aa yume wo miro aa asu ni sake

Ikiru wo shinu wo roman shidai ina yo

Aa kono yo ni wa aa futari dake

Mou dou ni mo tomaranai


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