Those who called me a crocodile ARE crocodiles!Dandy



Dandy the Devour Crocodile is a Water-type Legendz. He is friends with Salamander. He is also the owner of the Crocodile Cave Cafe. He doesn't like it when people call him a crocodile. He looks up to Shiron as his big brother.
Dandy and Shiron

Dandy and Shiron

He first appeared in Crocodile, Wait A While.

Contrary to 'other' crocodiles, what sets Dandy apart is probably his bipedal behaviour, and his double tail. And he speaks human language.

Dandy wears a pair of orange and blue boots, along with orange gloves, brown shorts and a metal chain around his neck.


In the manga, Dandy appears as a contestant's Legendz at the Legendz Carnival

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