Calling In The Wind (Japanese: オイラが風呼んでいた I was calling the wind) is the very first episode of the Legendz anime.

Calling In The Wind
Season One, Episode One
Air date April 4, 2004
Directed by Akitaro Daichi
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When the episode begins, we see a mountain in the distance. Suddenly a man shouts and music starts playing. As the camera zooms out, we see dozens of flags with the Dark Wiz Company logo blowing in the wind. The man starts counting down as the camera lowers in a cave. We see a lot of people near a crystal. The man finishes counting down and they bomb the crystal, revealing a deep hole. The man and his men slide down the hole with ropes. Someone then says that they've found the Souldolls. Everyone starts cheering but the man says that 4 of the 81 Souldolls are missing. As the man requests a map, the camera zooms out and shows a woman holding onto a rock. The woman enters a small cave, but she is skinny enough to slide in. She falls into a room as the floor starts to break and an explosion opens the ceiling. She jumps onto a pillar and grabs onto it as she sees the floor of the room crumble open to reveal a large hole. The men from DWC then slide down on their ropes and find the woman. The woman looks down and sees 3 Souldolls floating in the air. She identifies them as the Fire Legendz Blaze Dragon, the Earth Legendz Griffin and the Water Legendz Big Foot. She realizes that of the Great Four Legendz, only 3 of the 4 Souldolls are there; the Wind Legendz is missing. The man from DWC also sees the Souldolls and tells his henchman to fight, to which one responds "How?". The woman then throws herself to grab the Souldolls. The man's henchman then throw themselves as well to snatch the Souldolls from her. As the DWC men fall, the wind blows the woman up, leaving the man greiving for his troops, only for said troops to fly back up and out of the mountain, the woman watching the scene on her motorcycle in the air. The Souldolls fly out of her pocket and she reaches out for them in vain

Eigo Ata (a carrot-nosed character that will randomly appear in the anime and speak in English) appears and says one year has passed. We see the woman from before on her motorcycle, complaining. The wind blows and spins her around for a second before she looks down and sees a baseball field. A young boy is swinging two bats around when he accidently lets go of them and throws them toward the woman. As he asks for another bat, the others are in shock. A pink-haired girl identifies him as Shu and calls him an idiot. The girl then speaks to an obese boy next to her called Mac and asks him if it's okay to leave it to Shu. Mac passes the message to the coach and he responds that he's the only one left. As Shu prepares himself, the wind begins to blow. The pitcher throws the ball and Shu swings, blowing wind with his bat. The wind spins the woman around quickly. Shu ends up striking out. The woman stops spinning, saying that Shu called the wind before falling into the river.

Everyone is walking home, disappointed. Shu tries to cheer the team up, saying that sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Shu arrives home at the same time as his father, who gives him a white Talispod, saying it probably doesn't work. The mysterious woman drives in front of Shu's house, having overheard Shu's school and claiming she found a job. She then drives away. The camera zooms out and shows two men in a car. The next morning, Shu is riding a scooter with toast in his mouth, late for school. He catches up to Meg and Mac, also running late with toast (Mac has a hamburger) in their mouth. Meg and Mac get on Shu's scooter, balancing on a wooden board. They reach the school and crash threw the door, hitting the wall. A werewolf suddenly appears, scaring Shu and his friends. Then, a monster surrounded by fire also appears also scaring Shu and co. However, the monsters are shown to be just holograms. Meg says that it's the latest trend, Legendz Battle. Shu hasn't heard of it though. Meg scold the kids with the Talispods for playing Legendz Battle during class. The monster aims at Meg with a flaming sword. Being a hologram, it passes threw Meg's head. Shu calls it lame as the boys explain how it works. They tell Shu to buy a Talispod and quit baseball because he sucks at it. Shu suddenly remembers the Talispod his father gave him. One of the boys mentions its unusual color. Shu says it's a special Talispod made by his dad. Shu then yells "Dabong" to activate it. The boy corrects him, saying it's "Reborn". Shu yells "Reborn" but he is then asked where his Souldoll is. When he asks what it is, he is told a Souldoll holds the Legendz' data. He says he doesn't have one and is told he can't play without one. Because it is white, they ask Shu if his Talispod is defective. He is about to say no when he remembers his dad told him the DWC said the white Talispod was no good. The others call him pathetic and continue their battle. However, the teacher turns off their Talispods. The teacher is new, as the kids don't know her. She identifies herself as Halca Hepburn, the new teacher. Halca spots Shu and gives him two bats she had and asked for his name. At the DWC, a man is shown sitting at a desk, a dragon behind him says the Wind Talispod has appeared and tells the man to steal it. The man, revealing himself to be President of the Dark Wiz Company Toys, says it'll soon be in their hands. Shu is leaving school when he is suddenly approached by a purple-haired woman and two men who claim to be from DWC. The woman hands Shu a card (with her name, BB, on it) and offers 50$ for his white Talispod. After Shu is relunctant to sell it, they offer him 100$ to which he agrees. Meg realizes that if they're willing to pay 100$ for a defective Talispod, then Shu shouldn't sell it. Though instead, Shu asks for 1000$, angering BB who tells J1 and J2 to grab the Talispod. Shu and his friends then run away, with JJ on their tails. Shu decides to escape through a narrow passage, though he knocks Meg and Mac of the scooter. Just as JJ and BB are about to catch him, he jumps and climbs on the fire escape. Shu escapes on a ledge though BB and JJ continue chasing him. Meg and Mac return to school to ask for Halca's help to which she agrees, changing into her normal clothes and taking Meg on her bike (with Mac running behind). Shu is climbing a ladder trying to get away from BB. He climbs onto a giant sign though ends up cornered. BB is given a purple Talispod with which she summons Goblin to scare Shu. Shu throws the Talispod though the wind keeps blowing it back into his hand. The wind then blows, creating the Souldoll of the Wind Legendz Windragon. The Souldoll installs itself on Shu's Talispod and the silhouette of the Windragon forms, though Nezuccho appears and falls on Shu's head. Surprised, Nezuccho starts complaining, leaving JJ wondering if they should take Nezuccho with them. BB says it's the president's orders so she sends Goblin to attack Shu. Shu decides to leave Nezuccho and run down the sign. He notices Goblin are still following him because Nezuccho has clinged on to Shu. Goblin then fuse into Big Goblin and barely hammer Shu, dropping him on the roof of a building. Shu then tries to throw the Talispod and Nezuccho towards Big Goblin, though Nezuccho uses his weight to return to Shu, proceeding to smack him. Nezuccho then becomes a Souldoll again, enraging Shu. When Shu starts yelling "Dabong", BB laughs and tells Shu he must say "Reborn". Shu then yells "Reborn", releasing the real Windragon, scaring BB and her henchmen. The black dragon seems to sense Windragon's appearance. Halca and the kids arrive and see Windragon, Halca getting very excited. Windragon lands back on the roof and complains to Shu on throwing him. Shu claims it wasn't him and Windragon says they'll talk later, saying the he must fight because Shu is the Wind Saga. Shu doesn't respond so Windragon just grabs him and puts him on his back. Windragon battles Big Goblin and easily defeats him with Wing Tornado. Meg and Mac see Windragon, Meg takes a picture. Windragon compliments the wind and looks back at Shu, seemingly unconcious, and wonders if he really is the Wind Saga.

Major EventsEdit

  • The Dark Wiz Company grabs hold of 77 Souldolls.
  • Halca attempts and fails to obtain 3 Great Souldolls.
  • Shu obtains the Wind Talispod from his father.
  • Shu learns about Legendz.
  • Shu, Meg and Mac meet Halca.
  • Shu, Meg and Mac meet Bunny and Jack 1 & 2.
  • Shu, Meg, Mac, Bunny, Jack 1 & 2 and Halca meet Shiron.


  • Shuzo Matsutani
  • Meg Sprinkle
  • Mike McField
  • Halca Hepburn
  • Bunny Brookmeyer
  • Jack Johnson 1
  • Jack Johnson 2
  • President of DWC
  • Sasuke Matsutani
  • Yoko Matsutani
  • Shiron the Windragon
  • Ranshiin the Windragon
  • Goblin
  • Big Goblin
  • Wolfy the Werewolf (Hologram)
  • Fire Giant (Hologram)
  • Eigo Ata
  • Ms. General Affairs


  • Eyecatch: Shiron & Greedo

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