A Draft Through My Head (Japanese: 頭の中はカラッ風 Crispy wind in my head) is the second episode of the Legendz anime.

A Draft Through My Head
Season One, Episode Two
Air date April 11, 2004
Directed by Akitaro Daichi
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Calling In The Wind
Attack Of The Killer Crab

Plot Edit

The episode starts with a quick synopsis of Shiron's appearance, which is revealed to be Shu's dream. Shu calms down but then he sees Nezuccho grab a baseball card he freaks out. Nezuccho disregards this and begins munching on the card. Shu gets mad, grabs Nezuccho and throws him out the window. Nezuccho flies back towards the house while Shu cries over his precious card.

Yoko is making breakfast as Nezuccho flies into the kitchen unnoticed. Shu does notice as he enters the kitchen though, and procedes to chase Nezuccho around the house, catching him with a net and throwing him back outside the window. Shu wonders where he's seen him before as he flies back and knocks him into the shelf.

Shu is late for school again and tries to catch up to the school bus on his scooter with Nezuccho hitchhiking in his backpack. He manages to catch up and is sitting in the backseat when Meg points out Nezuccho sitting next to him. Shu gets surprised and asks Nezuccho if he likes him, receiving a punch to his face. He then remembers the previous day yet still doesn't remember who exactly Nezuccho is. Halca is shown driving next to the bus on her motorcycle, happy that she got to see a real Legendz. At Shu's school, Shu is still upset that Nezuccho is following him. When Meg asks for his name, Shu claims he doesn't know. Nezuccho tells them his name but it appears only Mac understands. A teacher enters the room and says the Halca will have the class self-study. Nezuccho dissappears, so Shu and his friends search for him around the school. Halca is shown in the faculty room looking up information on Legendz, with other teachers questioning her motives for self-study. Mac locates Nezuccho's footprints that lead towards the faculty room. Nezuccho, the teachers and Halca holding a broom burst out of the room; Halca is afraid of mice.Outside. Shu scolds Nezuccho and Meg tells him not to bring him to school. However, since Nezuccho doesn't belong to him, Shu tells Nezuccho to get inside the Talispod. Mac then says he knows where Nezuccho can stay. Shu, Meg and Mac enter an abandoned building that they would always go to for a view of the city (even though they could only see the sky). Mac leads them up some gears to look out of two holes in a clock. Shu comments on the wind that's blowing, sparking Nezuccho's interest, who leaves his Souldoll to contemplate the wind. Mac reveals to the others that he still visited the building to keep watch over their "treasure box", which he proceeds to take out. Shu declares that they will make the place their hideout again and Nezuccho agrees. A bell rings and the kids run back to school agreeing to return at 3:45 to clean while Nezuccho stays at the hideout.

It is four and Shu and Mac are eating burgers. Five minutes later, they quickly leave to avoid Meg's rage. Meanwhile, Meg and Nezuccho are cleaning the hideout when Shu and Mac arrive, the former getting hit by Meg for being late. Shu starts looking for something and when Meg asks what it is, he says he's looking for the treasure. Meg shows a wall where she has put up the photos. Shu explains he meant the baseball cards. Meg tells him that she threw them away. Shu heads for the garbage dump but it's empty. He and Meg begin to argue, so Mac proposes they chase after that garbage truck, leaving Meg behind. Meg then sees the garbage truck and decides to get the cards back. JJ then pop out of the garbage dump, having heard Shu's argument with Meg. They contact BB who tells them to head towards the Staten landfill to search for the cards. Meg also heads there, having learned that the garbage man had already dumped the trash there. JJ are searching through that trash, losing there gloves. Meg recognizes them. JJ manage to find the cards just as Shu and Mac arrive. Shu immediately gives up upon seeing the trash though. JJ call to him and show him the cards, asking for the white Talispod in exchange. Shu suddenly supposedly remembers who they are, though he actually doesn't. Mac reminds him of them and he agrees to the exchange, much to everyone's surprise. However, he realizes he left it at the hideout. Just then, Nezuccho arrives with the Talispod. Shu returns him to his Souldoll and prepares to give it to JJ, despite Mac's protests, telling him he doesn't need the Talispod. Meg arrives and hits him, telling him not to treat his "pet" like that, as well as revealing that Shu had thrown his cards on the floor when they ran back to school. Meg takes the cards back from JJ. At that moment, BB arrives and grabs Meg throwing the cards away now that they have a better hostage. Shu runs toward them, supposedly to save Meg, but he actually just saves his cards, enfuriating Meg. With no hostage left to exchange the Talispod, Mac grabs his friends and runs away with them, while BB grabs a Talispod and Reborns a Storm Worm. The kids are frightened by it. It starts chasing them while spewing a smelly substance. Shu's Talispod begins to hit him. Mac tells Shu to use it and the latter proceeds to yell dabong. BB laughs and says he still doesn't remember it's Reborn. Shu correctly shouts Reborn instead and the Talispod activates, realeasing Shiron. Mac and Meg realize that Nezuccho was actually Shiron, who is about to talk with Shu but is interupted by Storm Worm. He puts Shu on his back and begins to battle Storm Worm, who activates a Shift Element. Shiron explains to Shu that a Shift Element traps opponents in a place where the one who shifted has the advantage, however, Shu still doesn't understand. Shiron then makes a new Shift Element and easily beats Storm Worm, sending it flying towards BB and JJ. He unleashes a powerful Wing Tornado that sends Storm Worm and the DWC employees flying away in a very Pokemon-esque fasion. Meg takes a picture of Shiron when he lands. Shiron expresses his dislike of the wind at the dump and tells Shu he will stay at the hideout where the wind is the best. Shu has passed out again, leaving Shiron in doubt of Shu being the Wind Saga again. After the credits, Halca is shown having found information on Windragon. The black dragon from last episode also appears with a small electric fan, claiming Windragon to have revived.

Major EventsEdit

  • Meg, Mac and Halca meet Nezuccho
  • Halca is revealed to be afraid of mice.
  • Shu, Meg and Mac begin to reuse their old hideout.


  • Storm Worm


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